What Makes a Great Location?

We all know that location is an important factor to consider when buying a house. In terms of convenience as well as property value, location of the house is very important. But are we really aware of what make a great location? Amarprakash Royal castle reviews inform us that it is the best location to live in. There are some factors that contribute to the value of home in terms of location. Public image of the location is very important;properties located in prestigious and popular locales are of high value. It should have star bucks i.e they must be close to all the necessary amenities like shops, restaurants and recreational venues. Surprisingly location that is near a park is preferred among many people.  Nobody likes to commute for long hours every day, so a location with easy access to public transports is always preferred the most. Location that is near to schools generally has high value and to those with children, it is an added advantage. The value of the location could not be determined on the basis of present conditions alone. We must do considerably a good research or seek the advice from right expertise on the scope for investments and its potential to grow in the coming years.