meth lab clean up

At Meth Lab Cleaners Australia we offer a complete and comprehensive remediation package for the testing, clean up and validation of properties exposed to meth lab and clandestine labs.

Across Australia, there has been an increasing number of clandestine or meth labs found. Although the authorities take the chemicals and equipment used in labs away, a large amount of contaminated residue is left on many surfaces of the affected site including walls, ceilings and floors, which creates a future health hazard for occupiers of the building.

A meth lab is an illegal and highly volatile place where the illegal manufacture of meth and other insidious and illegal drugs occurs. Meth is made from everyday household items commonly available for purchase at supermarkets and hardware stores. When these ingredients are mixed together or cooked to produce drugs, they generate a large amount of toxic waste, chemical waste and noxious gasses. Typically, this waste is disposed of in blithe manners, such as down the drain, stored, buried or dumped elsewhere in the property.

When a person enters a meth lab before meth lab clean up  it has been properly cleaned and decontaminated, contamination becomes a real and serious health risk. Immediate exposure to a meth lab is serious. Toxicity levels and the sudden release of gasses can lead to long term health issues and potential disability due to the associated respiratory effects of corrosive and poisonous gasses.
Further short and long-term health risks associated with meth labs can include eye irritation, respiratory issues, insomnia, skin irritation, nausea, vomiting, headaches and chest tightness.

At Meth Lab Cleaners Australia we offer a comprehensive service to assisting in the clean up and remediation of a property or area affected by a Meth lab. Meth Lab Cleaners Australia is ready to provide you with assessment, testing and decontamination as part of our complete drug lab remediation process.