Able Electropolishing in Chicago, IL

Able Electropolishing is the world`s largest electropolishing specialist. We`ve perfected the electropolishing of hundreds of alloys including 300 and 400 series stainless steels, nickel alloys, aluminum, copper and titanium to name a few. Though our technology plays a vital role in serving customers, the traditions of service and attention to quality are what make Able Electropolishing a unique company. A pioneer in electropolishing and metal improvement technologies including passivation, contract cleaning and titanium anodizing. We use the latest technology to offer the most sophisticated process control system while providing our customers with unparalleled and unmatched quality.

Production and engineering breakthroughs achieved during WWII led to new and exciting metal finishing technologies as industry shifted from the war economy. Our founder, Zen Pokvitis, was on the leading edge of those developments, and focused his chemical background on production applications for electropolishing. That experience in chemical formulation and equipment design led to the founding of Able Electropolishing in 1954, focusing on the needs of metalworking companies nationally.

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