The Future of SEO - Is it Bleak or Bright for 2015?

The Future of SEO - Is it Bleak or Bright for 2015?

When Matt Cutts released the statement about “sticking a fork” on guest blogging a few days ago, a lot of Internet marketing experts, both old and new, were extremely worried. Back in 2013, Google released made another algorithm change that pretty much changed how links were used by both the common Internet surfer and the Internet marketer.


This was two years ago. You can imagine the look of terror on every guest blogger’s face when they realized that Google’s hounds are now sniffing at their scent. Today, that nightmare is already over and it has left a lot of writers and guest bloggers in anguish because Google has basically made it impossible to rank their money websites thru guest blogging.


It’s quite certain that Google wants everyone to use and contribute high-quality content. While it was never their intention to make businesses suffer because of the updates, Google (or rather, most search engines) certainly wants Internet users to get accurate information rather than a bunch of useless articles about mesothelioma!


The Panda and Penguin updates back then made sure that article marketing websites are no longer as efficient as they should be. Back then, Internet marketers relied on article marketing sites and heavy article marketing to promote their links. The results were poor articles floating all over the Internet. When the updates came, marketers were forced to write quality articles because Google penalizes websites that were using poor quality and plagiarised articles.


Then Hummingbird came along in 2013. Google penalized websites who were using the same links too often and this was usually the case with companies who relied too much in SEO automated programs. Again, it was another disastrous turn of events for companies who were using black-hat SEO techniques.


2014 came along and it definitely was a bleak year for SEO. By bleak, I meant that people had no idea what would become of SEO. While there were major developments, most SEO experts have gone back to legitimate ways of getting links. In short, a lot of online marketers have started writing genuine content while using no-follow links. Also, quality became very important for content writers. Instead of spending less hours on every article, more hours are spent on making sure that the articles used for SEO campaigns are interesting and original.


Now is the middle of 2015. The world of SEO is pretty much considered unexplored and it remains to be conquered yet again. Which SEO strategies do you think would bring back the fire in the eyes and hearts of SEO experts?


I guess time will only tell.