FP75R12KE3 Infineon IGBT Power Module

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FP75R12KE3 is an IGBT power module that can boost the performance of your UPS and eliminate its issues. Manufactured by Infineon, FP75R12KE3 is believed as one of the best power modules ever created by the company. It has a weight of 0.93 lbs., emits a collector emitter voltage of 1200V, and a collector current amount of 75A.


FP75R12KE3 is a copper based plate type of insulated package. This feature provides the power module in boosting its ability to optimize heat spread. It has a low stray inductance module design that helps in preventing unintended and unwanted inductance in a circuit. This Infineon IGBT module has also a high switching frequency, high power density, and solderable pins.


Cost-effectiveness, high efficiency, and reliability, are what anyone can expect from Infineon FP75R12KE3. If you’re really serious in upgrading your UPS capacity, purchase one!