From Chiangmai With Enjoy - Mahout

When our team arrived at Baanchang Elephant Conservation Camp or interchangeably known as Baanchang Elephant Park ([tailormade myanmar trip])
, our manual whom we later understood was also our trainer, released himself as Woody. My brain started to visualize him as a classic cartoon character referred to as Woody Woodpecker. Woody was slender, tiny built with a Jon Bon Jovi hairdo and had a somewhat substantial-pitched nasal voice. I rapidly shook off the thought as I did not want to be distracted from learning about the elephants simply because that was my goal of currently being there.

Following Woody had gone by way of the formalities (myanmar luxury travel) of welcoming us and letting us introduce ourselves to the group, he questioned us to alter our clothes to what he was heading to hand to every one particular of us. He carried a stack of folded clothes and started to visually size us up and handed a set of denim blue best and trousers to every single of us as he walked down the line we spontaneously shaped. We ended up eagerly ready to start the day with the elephants and to be mahouts. He told us the suit was created in accordance to the standard mahout attire but I discovered there were some contemporary alterations like gartered midsection pants rather of loose (private myanmar holiday)
pants that wants to be tied up like a sarong which I feel would likely drop off alongside the way with novices like us. By the way, mahout stands for keeper or driver of an elephant.