Courier Service

Because you value your time very much, Courier Services Singapore gears up to convey your written documents and parcels in a rush. They go all out to be the most In demand Courier Provider. May it be for off loading or priority consignment, they strive to gratify your delivery needs.


Courier Service Singapore presumably is the fastest rising courier group in the land that provides common and preference transfers. Their target is to attain excellence in customer satisfaction and premium service standards. Their achievement is their customer's pleasure.


Their Package consists of standard and priority deliveries, and they render over bike and van services. Bike Courier Services includes the delivery of written documents and smaller parcels that weight not greater than 3kg and not greater than 30m in size while the Van Service includes the delivery of boxes up to 50kg and it is more effective to deliver large packages.


They offer cut-price rates, yet there will be supplemental price for large-scale or oversized items. There will also be an extra charge to the succeeding places credited to entry cost or security measures such as Restricted Zone (Military Base and Government Buildings), Universities and Polytechnics, Free Trade Zones (Sea Ports, Changi Cargo) and Jurong Island.


For questions, call 6100 5878 for your one-stop courier service or see