Cabinets Countertops: How to Use Granite Tile?

Granite tiles, namely igneous rock, also known as acidity crystallization plutonic rock, is one of the most widespread stone in igneous rocks, composed of feldspar, quartz and mica, the rock is hard and dense. Its content is given priority to silica, accounts for about 65% to 75%

Alleged igneous rock is subterranean magma or volcanic eruption of lava condensation crystallization of igneous rocks of silicon dioxide. The feldspar volume determines the characteristic of engineered stone.

When the content of silicon dioxide id more than 65%, granite tile belongs to the acid rock, when  Basic plagioclase quartz and other mineral have crystal formation, the material structure, is called a granite.

Granite tile is suitable in doorsill, kitchen cabinets countertops, outdoor flooring. Among which, cabinets countertops had better use the granite tile of dark color.

Marble is the rock in the lithosphere forms through action of high temperature and high pressure. The earth's crust internal force makes the original all kinds of rock qualitatively changes, the original rock structure and mineral composition change. The new rock that forms through qualitative called metamorphic rocks.

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