LED Show Screen and cabinet tips on how to detect?

Nowadays, a lot of led show suppliers and goods.(variable message sign) Obtain LED screen, shoppers frequently are going to the factory there for inspection, it is actually necessary to know the test led show cabinet typical knowledge.


Ways to detect LED Screen:


Testing basic visual look and really feel it could initially be seen whether there is a trouble LED screen.


Coating Adhesion: should really no off phenomenon.


Screen Screen: Colour is consistency or colour cast with the phenomenon, the phenomenon isn't even light.


Screen look: screen content really should be clear, complete, uniform color, no edges, defects, trailing, contamination; facts of all printing, location, design and font size, might be described in detail by the corresponding drawings, the manufacturer(speed limit sign) in strict accordance together with the design drawings Needs screen.


Consistent color and model (regular vision in natural light or fluorescent observation no color), the identical batch of product and no color (Note: color, which includes colour and gloss); coating the surface smooth, flat, uniform surface shall possess the following defects: quit back stick, granules, missed the finish, pitting, blur, wrinkle, mechanical harm.


How you can detect LED box:


Initial, there are many approaches to detect the box, commonly applied tools: calipers, tape measure, level ruler. Case testing needs: inspectors have to strictly stick to the designers drawing around the box 1 by 1 incoming inspection, verify for significantly less leakage machined components, box detection should note the following:


LED cabinet Dimensions deviation is much less than 0.5mm, two diagonal distinction of not more than 1mm.


Verify whether or not removing burrs, whether acute blunt down, will not enable scratch hand, sting phenomenon.


Nuts and nut every column must be processed by the back teeth to ensure smooth screw locked.


LED cabinet test whether the requirements of the entire assembly procedure by drawing truthfully, all accessories (including locks, hinges) shall be created of existing standard components, will have to make sure that its mechanical strength and sealing functionality assembly.


Every box have to be powerful welding welding, no Weld, weld and so on, should be polished welds, weld to become carried out to scrape ash handling, treatment process has to be rigorous requirements. Waterproof seal weld should be polished, smooth no acute angle.


Following molding LED module hole punching and welding must assure flatness from the front, surrounded by the panel may not have warp, deformation, flatness error of significantly less than 1MM; box front panel positioned tightly controlled pore size, pore size and pitch error of much less than 0.1mm; X, Y path of the bore axis ought to be set in the very same straight line, respectively, and are perpendicular to the straight line need to be the edge from the box, the vertical of less than 1mm.