The threats in the LED lighting industry

Opportunities and threats coexist simultaneously in the LED lighting industry, which is known by China LED strip light supplier. Maybe it is the threats that inspire lighting companies to get further development and to serve consumers better.


Although, the development of this industry has not achieve the desired speed, the huge potential still can be found in the future. In recent years, countries like the US, EU, Japan have issued instructions and bills in terms of the technology and quality. On the current market, even if the best led flexible strip light made by our company is confronted with trade barriers. At the same time, the presence of non-tariff barriers, to a certain extent, affect the controlling of production costs and limiting the development of foreign trade business. In fact, few of foreign consumers have observed that the prices of the raw materials are rising and the production technologies have been improved.


For foreign consumers who are looking for a LED strip light wholesale, one thing you should know is that there is need to be so harsh in terms of the product and the price, because led companies have a large number of old consumers.