Slewing Ring Germany

Crane slewing ring equipment bearing design (see XZWD) has the subsequent components:
1 row 4-situation make contact with ball crane slewing ring equipment bearing series (01)
The creation of solitary row 4-stage make get in touch with with ball crane slewing ring gear bearing is composed of two seat, compact building, light-weight body fat, rolls 4 level communicate to ball and round arc, can endure the axial energy and radial drive and overturning minute. Rotary conveyor, welding manipulator, very small and medium-sized crane and excavators and other building machinery are optional.
Double rejection diameter ball crane slewing ring equipment bearing assortment (02)
slewing ring gear bearing has a handful of seat, steel ball and isolation block can be quickly discharged into rolling up and down, in accordance to the nervousness stage out, arranged up and down two distinct diameter of metal ball. This open up assembly is very helpful, and arc raceway of bearing Angle is ninety °, can bear a enormous axial travel and overturning 2nd. When the radial force is much far more than .1 moments of axial strain, the race shall be specially designed.
Solitary slewing ring tools bearing sequence (11)
Solitary cross roller crane slewing ring tools bearing, is composed of two seat, compact building, delicate bodyweight, greater accuracy of manufacture, assembly, minor hole of installation precision need is huge, the roller of one:a single cross organized, can stand up to the axial stress and overturning instant and enormous radial stress, is thoroughly used in tower crane slewing ring lifting the transportation, engineering tools and military objects

3 rows of roller crane slewing ring products bearing collection (13)
A few slewing ring products bearing has 3 seat, and the radial raceway impartial from greatest to foundation, to make each and every row roller load can be just recognized. Can have a assortment of load at the specific same time, it is 4 sort of solution in a single of the greatest bearing capability, axial and radial dimension is far more considerable, firm composition, specifically appropriate for the requirements of large diameter weighty equipment, these kinds of slewing ring metallic method method, large tonnage crane equipment, and many others.

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