Properties of Silicone Rubber

      Silicone Rubber is an inorganic synthetic elastomer made from a crosslinked silicon-based polymer reinforced with filler. It offers a unique combination of chemical and mechanical properties organic elastomers cannot match. Silicone rubbers consist of long-chain polysiloxanes and various fillers, such as pyrogenic silica. They can be converted into silicone elastomers by vulcanization. They are classified according to the curing method, the viscosity of the base polymer, and whether they cure at high or room temperature.Solid silicone rubbers are cured at elevated temperature, either by means of organic peroxides or platinum catalyzation. The cured rubber is compounded with reinforcing fillers to give it its mechanical strength. High-temperature vulcanizing silicone rubbers are suitable for a wide variety of application areas – in the automotive industry, electrical engineering, the transmission and distribution industry, the construction sector, mechanical and process engineering, and in the fields of food, health care and the medical sector.

         Silicone rubber has is a very versatile material by the mere fact that the temperature range is more extreme than other synthetics rubber. The silicone rubber is inert, very flexible and can be used in medical and FDA environments. In addition to temperature, silicone rubber has superior resistance to water and makes an excellent electrical insulator.Many of these silicone rubber materials are designed to function mechanically as gaskets or cushioning pads. They can also ground ESD, provide EMI shielding or conduct heat. Because of this, the material selection is an important part of the design process for gaskets, pads and components. Silicone rubber's properties make it the material of choice for many designers of equipment in many industries.

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