The Right Roof for Your Home

The Right Roof for Your Home

A roof might be the last thing you are thinking about when designing your home, but there is a lot to consider when constructing a roof.  You want your roof to serve its purpose and keep you and your family safe, but you also want it to do your home justice when it comes to looks.  Landscaping has a lot to do with curb appeal, but a roof is also important when it comes to the look of your home, and the right roofing materials can turn your home into a work of art.  Here are some things to consider when roofing your home.


Choosing materials


While there are definitely some roofing materials that are more popular than others, homeowners are branching out and becoming more creative with the materials they use, especially since it is becoming more popular to be energy efficient – or “go green.” Asphalt shingles are still the leading roofing material simply because of their durability. They also come in a variety of colors, giving homeowners options, and they are easy to maintain. Metal roofing is no longer a just for barns, as several homeowners choose to roof their homes with metal materials because it helps keep homes cool.  Wood shingles are also a popular roofing material that gives a home a rustic look, and also has several options when it comes to size and shape.


Choosing a style


A roof can alter the entire look of your home, so it is important to know which style you are going for. Bob Vila suggests that you consider the architectural style of your home, and choose materials that enhance that style rather than bog it down.  If your room has lots of high pitches, and steep angles, the materials you use will be more prominent, so carefully consider which materials will help you achieve the style you are going for. Certain roofing materials such as asphalt or wood shingles come in several different colors and shapes, and homeowners often underestimate how the color and shape of roofing materials can alter the look of a home.


Affordable roofing materials


Asphalt shingles are the most affordable roofing materials, and they require the least maintenance, which also makes them inexpensive over time. However, weather can have an effect on how long materials last, so it is wise to do your research so you know the best materials for the climate you live in. Sometimes the cheapest options end up costing you more in repairs depending on how frequently you need to make them. The best roofing materials to invest in are the ones that are going to last the longest.


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