Let us begin by considering the

4.3. HCNm state under local amplitude damping channel
It is clear from Eqs. (16) and (17) that Skepinone-L the logarithmic negativity is independent of N, just as for the local phase damping channel. Quantum discord, which is obtained numerically, is also independent of system size, as depicted in Fig. 3, for k=1k=1. The independency of quantum discord on N holds true also for higher values of k.
Fig. 3. (Color online.) Independence of quantum discord of the local amplitude damped HCNm state on the number of particles in the large sector. All other considerations are the same as in Fig. 2, except that we do not have the inset here.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
For k=1k=1 and m=1m=1, the negative eigenvalue in Eq. (16) reduces toequation(18)λHCNmladc(1,1)=12(p−p2+(1−p)2).
Just like for the local phase-damping channel, the state HCN1 can sustain more noise than any other states in salivary glands class for both the quantum correlation measures. Note here that quantum discord is non-zero for the entire range of the noise parameter, except at p=1p=1.