Four Basic Rules of Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

1. Beautiful but not obvious bridesmaid dresses are appropriate for bridesmaids. Strapless bridesmaid dresses are often used for many weddings, because its exquisite and stylish. As for accessories, there could be a ribbon around the waist or three layers of pleats on the skirt. If it's a winter wedding or formal wedding then the dresses could be long ones. However for more casual weddings or spring and summer weddings, a short bridesmaid dress is suitable and also gives the bridesmaids a fresh, more pretty look.

2. There are many good-looking colors for bridesmaid dresses. Try a few different colors with the girls when choosing color. Right color can really help set off their respective skin tones. If there are several bridesmaids, they can wear same colored dresses but different styles. Actually even the color may not need to be exactly the same, and this makes every wedding individual. Pink bridesmaid dress is one of the most classic dresses for them. What's more, light blue, light green and champagne are also appropriate and look great on bridesmaids.

3. Besides color, the fabric and cut are as important. With fittingly cut, sumptuous silk, graceful chiffon, classical lace, or sleek satin; whichever fabric can really show off the figures and reveal the bridesmaids' charming. Bridesmaid dresses are generally tailored with an A-line or Empire style, because both of them are not only give women a very strict, nice profile, but very forgiving for any figure. If you have several bridesmaids, and want their dresses to fit them well,choosing A-line or Empire styles must be a smart choice.

4. Shoes with sequins, pailettes and some beautiful details are made for weddings! High-heels with these decorations are best match for the dresses discussed above. Nevertheless the shoes should be comfortable enough for the bridesmaids to wear for the whole wedding.