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NO.1 You are considering whether HP MSA 2040 Storage meets a customer's needs. What are the
benefits and consideration of this solution?
A. It is a good mid-sized storage array, but requires a blade infrastructure.
B. It is easy to implement and manage, but does not scale as well as other HP solutions.
C. It provides a tier 1 storage solution, but the company might eventually outgrow it.
D. It is very affordable, but its performance depends on the hardware of the server on which it is
Answer: B

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HP MSA 2040 (Study guide p.41) Very affordable entry level Storage Area Network Flexible support
for interfaces (FC/iSCSI/SAS) Lower scale capacity than other HP solutions Easy to implement and

NO.2 You are identifying a customer's business needs and IT requirements. Which questions will help
you segment the customer horizontally? (Select two.)
A. Is the business part of the private or public sector?
B. Does the company require a virtualized data center?
C. Does IT play a vital role in the business?
D. Where is the company in its technology refresh cycle?
E. What is the company's specific industry sector?
Answer: A,D

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NO.3 A company requires data protection for 70TB of data. The solution should provide fast disaster
recovery and require relatively low bandwidth. Which HP storage solution best meets these needs?
A. HP StoreVirtual VSA
B. HP MSL Tape Libraries
C. HPStoreServ7000
D. HP StoreOnce 4000
Answer: C
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Establish a common, modern IT architecture that pools servers, storage, networking and services
(Study guidep.12)

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