How do I clean indoor/outdoor carpets?

Sweeping and VacuumingSweep or vacuum the indoor/outdoor rug frequently. Pick up any loose dirt and debris. If the rug has a border, do not let the vacuum catch the corner or remain in place over the binding for too long. Vacuum in the direction the binding is sewn to avoid pulling the binding away from the rug.

WashingTake the indoor/outdoor rug outdoors. Hose down the rug with a garden hose. Wash the rug with a solution of mild detergent and water using a clean cloth. Hose the rug off again to rinse it, and dry it with a clean towel. Allow the rug to dry in the sun. Do not take it back indoors again before it is completely dry. If you cannot take the rug outside, dry cleaning is recommended. Never steam clean a woven rug.

Spill and Stain RemovalBlot any spills immediately with a clean cloth. Blot without rubbing, as rubbing can make the stain worse. If a spill has set and formed a solid residue, scrape it up gently with a butter knife or other tool that will not damage the indoor/outdoor rug.

Source:Sisal Rugs Direct: Cleaning and Care, Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

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