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Our nation's bridges are growing old. Most of our bridge spans have an average age of thirty-nine years. Bridge ratingsare at an all-time low, a big threat to driving safety.

Inspecting bridges is straightforward. Every bridge in the United States needs to undergo an inspection at least once every 2 years, but bridge inspection teams are falling behind.

While the concern for updated bridges increases is sorely needed, a bridge inspector needs to handle the inevitable repairs of our current bridge structures first.

One of the most serious issues with inspecting bridges is getting onto the bridge safely. The the snooper heavy duty vehicle is designed to hoist inspectors to hard to reach areas of large bridge structures. But this is not the only capable truck truck available.

Recent breakthroughs in bridge inspection technologies might be paving the way in coming years to make bridge inspection safer, less costly and more convenient than in the past.

Bridge spans that would not have been accessed in the past except by using dangerous lane closings or expensive personnel can now go through inspection in days instead of weeks. These new technologies permit inspection teams to inspect bridge structures while not disturbing the environment or endangering nesting wildlife. As the cost of inspecting bridges is reduced and technology is more prevalent, our bridges will get the repairs they need to hold up well into the next century.

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