FS450R12KE3-S1 Eupec Infineon IGBT Module

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FS450R12KE3-S1 is an IGBT module specializing in efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Packed with features that shouts out efficiency with every second that it’s operating.


FS450R12KE3-S1 is an EconoPACK Eupec Infineon IGBT Module. Equipped with a trench/fieldstop IGBT3 and EmCon diode - components that makes everything cost-effective, this saves you the trouble of wasting too much energy that could have been used for other jobs. With a low saturation voltage and less total power dissipation,  FS450R12KE3-S1 could save you on a lot of operating costs.


But make no mistake! Eupec Infineon FS450R12KE3-S1 not only delivers efficiency but also performance. It has improved FWD characteristic to enhance the current flowing exponentially!