Bahria Town Karachi - Investment Future and Advantages

- Bahria Town Lahore

- Bahria Town Rawalpindi

- Bahria Enclave Islamabad

These projects have seen immense achievement and additional expansion and development of these projects are ongoing with numerous new sectors and block becoming introduced.
Bahria Town Karachi has launched recently and it is anticipated to be the biggest and most sophisticated housing project due to a quantity of factors and announced features of the project which are peculiar to it.

Bahria Town Karachi Place:

The location of this project is very prime,i.e. 9 KM from the Toll Plaza on the motorway from Karachi to Hyderabad which is known as Super Highway. It is about 20 minutes drive from city center and connected to Malir Cantonment via six lane expressway.

Bahria Town Karachi Prices:

The project primarily targets the middle class of Pakistan which is generally the biggest chunk of any society. This is an investment chance in a far better society than the current societies of Karachi which are neither nicely-planned nor within the spending budget of an average investor or buyer. The booking starts from just 150,000 Rupees and remaining quarterly installment for the next four years which is as low as 28000 per month.

Bahria Town Karachi Attributes:

Bahria has planned exclusive features to be introduced in this mega project. Bahria Town is normally a gated community with its personal power generation method, security employees, upkeep staff, surveillance method, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities and much much more.
This project also consists of a 5 star hotel, USGA regular golf course, gold class cinema theater, personal metro bus service for transportation, theme park, wonders of the globe mini monuments i.e. Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Taj Mahal etc., and biggest shopping center in Pakistan.

Bahria Town Karachi Future:

This project is anticipated to have a very vibrant future due to a quantity of elements that have currently defined the scale of investment it can attract towards its project.
We have listed a few outstanding elements which support this projection.

1- It has spotless and excellent track record in creating housing schemes with globe-class amenities and international standards of infrastructure improvement.
two- It has written 3 success stories in its history of genuine estate improvement.
three- It is a marketplace for investors, real estate agents and builders.
four- It has delivered what it has ever claimed.
5- It has the most skilled and certified engineers and relevant staff in its group of experts.
six- Karachi Project claims more exclusive attributes, as described above, which are peculiar to it.
7- It has usually paid back to investors.
eight- It develops a city within a city with everything within simple reach of the residents.
9- Bahria Town is a long awaited project in Karachi.
10- Karachi has by no means had any master-planned society up to the requirements set by Bahria Town.
11- It has its personal security systems in place to preserve peace in its housing schemes.
12- It targets the middle class of the society, i.e. properties are inexpensive by a big number of individuals.
13- It strictly upholds the guidelines it stands for.
14- This Housing Project is located at a prime place with peaceful atmosphere to the residents.
15- It follows international development requirements in its housing schemes and introduces unique features which are peculiar to it.
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