Information related to the mobile phone Huawei

The camera

The press conference, Yu Chengdong focuses on the Huawei P8 shooting functions. It uses a 8000000 pixel front camera and 13000000 pixels rear camera, RGBW camera is introduced and the independent ISP imaging technology to improve the low light conditions, the picture quality, and is equipped with dual color LED flashes.

Optical shutter mode provides a camera long exposure function, can realize the light painting photography and film star track. The director mode can be most linkage 3 Android mobile phone to shoot, but also can switch seats, can claim the video directly on the mobile phone. For women the user's preferences, Huawei P8 joined the facial features, support for customization.

P8 Max Huawei

In addition to Huawei outside P8, the Huawei also released P8 Max, equipped with 6.8 inches screen, body thickness of 6.8 mm, support cross screen with split screen display mode, the battery capacity is increased to 4360mAh, the official claimed that the life time can reach 2.23 days. At the same time, the official also for the P8 Max offers a variety of optional protective sleeve.