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Has disorder taken over your house in Lancaster, PA? If you don't have anymore space on your desk for your current paperwork, continue to run into furniture as you travel from room to room or simply can't bear to look at those cluttered shelves of books anymore, it might be time for a clutter crash course.

Household clutter is sneaky. It accumulates slowly over time while we hardly notice there is a problem. Before long opening the closet door is a nightmare as things come tumbling off the top shelf. However it is a popular belief that the amount of clutter in your home can determine how frustrated you feel. Lightening the load can be a wonderful way to turn over a new leaf. So where do you begin?

Start with a small project. Make a list of the most cluttered rooms in your home. Begin with the most cluttered room. Look around the space. What doesn't belong in there? Give yourself a half hour and gather up stuff that does not need to be in that space and either move them in another place in the house or put them in a box to decide later. After your half hour clean up, look over the space again. Does the space seem bigger, brighter and more open?

Next, look over the furniture in the space. Are there too many items? Is the furniture in the space too big? Consider removing excess pieces and replacing them with scaled back items. Can't bear to eliminate mom's fine buffet or that family chest? You do not have to figure it out right away.

Find Lancaster storage companies. You can frequently locate great deals on storage units around Lancaster that will safely store excess furnishings, seasonal decor items, outdoor furniture and much more. Attempt this exercise for every room in your house in the near future. Tackle one room each time and you will be well on your way to getting rid of clutter and feeling less stressed.