What are the vitamins which help in enhancing the Immune function of an Individual?

A number of factors, for example, body exposure to chemicals, genetic makeup and of course, the age, determine the body’s natural immune health. However, regular exercise, sound sleeping regimen and consuming whole lot of mineral, compounds, herbs and vitamin supplement, can give that boost to your immunity system, which ensures an enhanced protection. Vitamin-A, Vitamin-B6  and antioxidants (Vitamin-E and Vitamin-C), stand in the best vitamin supplements in India, which shows positive effects in improving the immune functions to keep your body disease and infection free.


So, what vitamin supplement does one’s immune system require?



This nutrient is a fat-soluble vitamin that improves the functions of white blood cells, also called, WBCs. With this, it ensures a protection against the infections.


The B vitamins


  • Vitamin-B6 : ensures a production of antibodies, which helps in fighting infections.  A deficiency in B6 is common in teenage girls and younger women, who prefer taking a low calorie diet, or in the people who consume high in sugar, refined foods.


  • Vitamin-B12 : monitors the process of cell division and growth. Experts have found that with no subsequent B12 levels, WBCs cannot multiply and grow efficiently.  



Vitamin-C is one of the immunity boosting vitamins, which improves the production of WBCs that stand essential to fight infections. The vitamin additionally ensures a boost in interferon levels, which helps the body fight viruses. The body’s Adernal Glands carry the highest levels of vitamin-C, which produces Cortisol, when the body requires the same, mainly in stressful situations. Hence, it is always advised o give your body a boost with vitamin-C on stressful days, for example, drinking lemon water on a hot sunny day that may exhaust you to the higher limits.