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In American society a huge amount of commerce takes place every day. It has become easier to purchase goods and services with credit, including credit cards. And the Internet has significantly increased the number and ease of these transactions.


With this ease comes the temptation to commit credit card fraud to obtain things we want or need, with money we don't have, or simply by using someone else's identity or credit information. Credit card companies make it easier by making it so easy to get a card and use it, with high credit limits and cash available.


Large dollar purchases and large numbers of purchases are made by hacking others' computers to commit credit card fraud. People also simply use a friend or relative's card, or an employer's. These actions may be illegal under federal as well as state law.




You may be investigated for bank fraud without your knowing it, and charged with a serious crime. The dollar amounts and your own criminal record affect the severity of the charge, which could include a prison sentence as well as stiff fines. If you are convicted, your criminal record can cause problems for you for years to come. You may find it difficult to find a job, an apartment, or get into college.


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Police have limitations on the ways they can collect evidence