Looking for French Language Courses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi? Join Berlitz – One of the World’s Fastest Growing Professional Language Learning Institute

Perhaps, not many of us know that after English, the French language is the most widely spoken language across five continents. It has also emerged as one of the most influential languages of the world. This is also the most studied language after English that attracts people from across the globe. The language also holds a sweeping sway in the world of theatre, art, music, fashion and food. It, therefore, goes without saying that French language speakers are highly needed in several multinational business organizations that are mentioned above.


And, if you’re looking for French classes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, then Berlitz – the world’s leadership training and education institute has designed a portfolio to provide you with comprehensive French language courses for building communication skills, cultural competency and encouraging global leadership training. The institute has been providing training in French courses at the centers of Dubai and Abu Dhabi to hundreds of students every year. With Berlitz, you can also enjoy the several cultural and social events that are held every year for the over-round development of the students. Moreover, Berlitz is also associated with French cultural network in Dubai and Abu Dhabi so as to promote language in a thriving environment.


Globally renowned as one of the fastest growing professional language learning institutes, Berlitz learning centers of French classes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have preserved high quality standards to meet each student’s unique set of objectives. Founded on the proven Berlitz Method, its language training programs are conducted by highly experienced and fluent native speakers. In order to ensure quick and effective results following methodologies have been adopted:


  1. Berlitz Total Immersion

This is the best ever language learning solution in the world. It involves intensive and private instructional programs to train you in social and business communication language skills for a period of 2-3 weeks. The courses at Berlitz are aligned well with your goals and training modules are regularly conducted for bringing in real life situations and instilling confidence in you with the help of group and telephonic discussions.


  1. Berlitz Private Instruction

The Berlitz Private Instruction programs of French Courses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer much flexibility and personalization. Under the private sessions, you’ll receive undivided attention of the trainers so that you can utilize your time to the optimum – listening and interacting with your trainer. You can set your own pace and receive valuable feedback from the trainer.  


  1. Class Instruction

Class Instruction at Berlitz plays a crucial role for gaining quality language instructions. In a group of students, you’ll feel motivated to take part in live conversation and debates.


  1. Small Group Instruction

Under small group instruction, Berlitz allows you to grow in a learning environment where benefits and concerns can be shared with your small group at your skill level. The program facilitates high level of support and personal attention for the students, involving lower fee than other private instruction programs.