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Energy Breakfasts that Build Muscle and Take 5 Minutes to Prepare If breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day, why do so many people casually skip it? According to recently published studies, breakfast skipping combined with fast food consumption rapidly and significantly increases weight gain in adults and teens.

Break the fast of your overnight slumber and kickstart your day with these easytoprepare meals that are not only hasslefree, but high in energy. Most of these breakfasts contain added protein in the form of powders. Click here to Mulberry Bag see some of my recommended brands of protein powders.

How to enjoy: Using 2 cups of oatmeal, pour in just enough water to cover the oatmeal. Microwave for two minutes. Mix in 2 scoops of protein powder (ok to add more water for consistency). Add goji berries. I recommend: Vega Whole Food Optimizer ( rotein), Navatis Naturals Organic Raw Goji Berries, organic mulberry clutch bags old fashioned oats (generic is fine). 2. Two Banana Black Coffee with Hemp You will need: Bananas (buy one week worth and separate from stem), coffee, hemp milk

How Mulberry to enjoy: Drink one full glass of hemp milk; do not mix into your coffee as hemp milk will not blend the way conventional dairy does. Two bananas are ideal as one is seldom satisfying. Also, avoid drinking the coffee on an empty stomach; coffee will affect your blood sugar and might cause cantankerous behavior.