Woodlands Strength

Feel genuinely personal workouts with Woodlands Strength and Conditioning. Boasting certified fitness instructors with numerous skills as well as training styles, you are sure to discover a suitable fit for your exercising needs. Depending on your specific fitness goals, your trainer will personalize a strategy to see you reach them in record time. As opposed to other gyms, we blend the rewards of hands on fitness professionals with the encouraging environment of a bigger group setting. This leads to one simple outcome - our clientele reaching their fitness goals faster and having more fun doing it.Our personal trainers are genuinely some of the best in Central Texas. Together with such diverse backgrounds you are free to opt for a style of instruction that works perfect for you - one-on-one, group instruction as well as yoga. As a health and fitness leader in The Woodlands, texas we've formed close relationships with affiliated companies including massage treatment and nutrition guidance, allowing us to refer these types of services to you at a discount.While the trainers at Woodlands Strength and Conditioning have access to many tools for training clientele, the core of their workouts focus on strengthening and conditioning the body. In spite of all the gimmicks and infomercials, there are no mysteries to getting fit... hard work and a commitment to your trainin g are what produce successes. A primary attitude of instructing at WSC is that work outs are ideally carried out in short and rigorous intervals. Thirty minute High Intensity Resistance Training (“HIRT”) sessions have been scientifically shown to more effectively produce lean muscle and burn more fat post-exercise than traditional 60-90 minute sessions. The effects are your body's potential to better make use of fat for energy from the amplified pace and extended strengt h training. You can expect to feel more energized throughout the day, have less pain in joints and troublesome areas and improve your physique.Feel free to call or drop-by one of our personal training studios for a totally free consultation. With training classes that span from personal, boot camps, yoga instruction and more, there Really Is Something For Everyone At WSC.Woodlands Strength and Conditioning22820 I-45 North Suite 1ASpring, TX 77373281-881-6538