To Pee or Not-to Pee

To Pee or Not-to Pee

The eternal problem of wetsuit urination

If it hasnt happened for you already, it will. You descend to 15 feet, and youll have the sudden urge. You cant hold it. And theres no way you will get to your bathroom without ruining the complete dive. Which means you con-sider if Im in-the water, my urine can just dissipate and dissolve and disappear. Is it OK to whiz in the wetsuit?

The easy answer is yes. Have a leak. My friend found out about dive tanks by browsing Yahoo.

The reality is, there is no health threat to tearing the neoprene. A lot of people don't realize that urine unlike feces - is sterile, unless you have an urinary tract illness. It has lots of mixed physical waste (mostly nitrates), but poses no health risk to you. The only sign of wetsuit whizzing is short-term temperature inside your vicinity. But beware, if your urine is dark (a sign it is probably highly odorous as-well), you might obtain a response from other divers, particularly if they happen to move through your yellow cloud of warmth.

As your best technique for dealing with this common situation is counterintuitive: drink much more water, a diver. A hydrated diver could urinate in their wetsuit and their urine will not be dark or pungent. You have surely noticed the difference between your day pee and your pee after (or all through) an extended night of drinking. Dehydration is very popular, yet small contamination is accepted and goes un-noticed by many people because of the signs are rather moderate. If you are appropriately hydrated, your urine is clear and odorless. A diver should drink a lot of fluids the night time before and the morning of a plunge, to ensure adequate water.

You might hear divers joke about warming the wetsuit. Browsing To rent wetsuit certainly provides lessons you can use with your mother. The heat made available from wetsuit irrigation is relaxed, but temporary. To study additional information, please consider peeping at: wetsuit website. Yes, when you pee you'll feel hot initially, in the end it will actually decrease your over all human body temperature.

You might realize that although you treated your-self prior to the leap, you must go again when you get down to 20 feet. Click here critique to read the reason for this enterprise. Why do you want to pee again? You may well be experiencing a phenomenon called concentration duiresis: like a answer to a growth in pressure, your human anatomy feels compressed and your kidneys begin to produce urine.

You dont need to be concerned about odor out of your marine urine, since you already rinse your wetsuit after every leap. An unrinsed wetsuit grows its wonderful stink from algae and crud in-the water, maybe not from your urine. Tinkle away!.