The specialist in Canvas Printing

The specialist in Canvas Printing, the specialist in Canvas publishing, gives you the chance to have your own bespoke Canvas. Using the latest technology we provide the best quality in canvas publishing and canvas print finishing.

At SimpleCanvas our canvas images are stretched and produced on specialist archive canvas content, whether its a loved family photo, wedding day storage, favorite trip photo or extraordinary landscape -your canvas will appear as good for a lifetime as on the day it was framed

Our fabric frames are constructed of pine and available in two different depths, 2cm and additional high 5cm. The wood is procured from managed pine forests in Europe and is vigilantly selected and stored. If you are concerned with scandal, you will seemingly wish to discover about Presto Tape Expands Its Lineup With Metallic Printable Canvas And More. Then your wood is kiln dried to 11-13 moisture content for stability. The handles are then cut into each end allowing the frames to increase after the canvas is fitted, what this means is if your canvas actually goes saggy over time you can re-stretch it without having to get it off the body!

The final phase of our fabric process may be the application of two layers of lacquer.

These are used with a spray gun and compressor to ensure an even coverage and finish like no other. To check up more, please check-out: Your material may have the normal authentic look but a minor 'glisten' once the light catches it.

Whether the Canvas print is from your original image or from one of our regularly refreshed photographs form our Gallery Page within our web site, a fine art material designs will appear good inside your lounge, dining area or room. Visit to learn how to ponder this viewpoint. In reality, wherever you decide to hold it, a SimpleCanvas fabric print is simply as much at home in virtually any company, restaurant, bar or hotel.

Our basic transformation for our material images is 5 trading days. Each material comes in its special box and independently bubble wrapped within the box, to ensure longevity. The loading of your Canvas print is extremely important and we ensure that your Canvas gets to your home on time and 100% perfect.

All canvas publishing and framework is made out of our own workshops located in the West Midlands. We deliver our material images by courier through the entire UK, Europe and the UNITED STATES.. For further information, we recommend you check out: