Pulling Unwanted Teeth Out

Most people fear to have their teeth extracted, but it is important to visit the dentist and have a tooth extraction to maintain oral well-being. Sometimes, dentists perform tooth extractions, because other treatments may not be able to repair broken or decayed teeth.

However, people need to undergo tooth extractions for various reasons: they have an extra tooth that blocks the other teeth, and, as for those wearing braces, they need space between their teeth in order to align or straighten them. People taking cancer drugs get tooth extractions, too, because the drugs have infected their teeth and have weakened their immune system, thus increasing risks of infection.

Not only do cancer patients need them, but also patients who have undergone an organ transplant need tooth extractions because their teeth are vulnerable to infection caused by the drugs they take. Another reason for tooth extractions is that molars--commonly known as wisdom teeth--are impacted and, therefore, need to be removed.

In preparation for a tooth extraction, your dentist will inquire about your past medical health and dental history. An X-ray will be performed to plan the best method for your tooth extraction. If you have dental anxieties, there is no need for you to worry because the dentist will provide IV sedation or anesthesia.

A dentist in Burbank Choosing Correctly - Dental Care Basics CA performs tooth extractions in two ways. One is done through a simple extraction in which the dentist provides anesthesia and then pulls out the damaged tooth with a pair of forceps. The dentist loosens the tooth by moving the forceps backward and forward, eventually pulling it out. In other cases, the dentist uses another dental instrument called the elevator, which is fitted between the tooth and gum, to pull the tooth out.

The other method dentists burbank use is surgical extraction. This method only works when the teeth cannot be seen. The teeth have not come up yet or they have been broken off, leaving half the teeth in the gum line. So the dentist has to cut and pull the gums back.

In this method, the dentists burbank provide anesthesia first and then make an incision in the gum to locate the tooth before pulling it out. In other cases, the teeth will have to be sectioned before they are extracted.