Septum Piercing Information

The cartilage wall in between the two nostrils is known as Nasal Septum. When the cartilage in between the nostrils is pierced, to place up some type of accessory within, it is known as septum piercing.


Septum piercing had been in practice since time unrecorded. If a bigger sized accessory is worn in the pierced septum, it enhances the fierceness of the look. This was in vogue throughout early ages to bring the ferocity on the face and alert the enemies of the strength and will to win more than.


The cartilaginous wall in between the two nostrils is pierced through with a needle or wire made of gold or silver. The needle or the wire is always sterilized prior to piercing with it. Generally the septum is pierced in a width measurement of 1.6mm. In some instances the width could be more and then the piercing requirements to be carried out with wider instruments like scalpel, and so on. or as some might want medically operated.

The nose is cleaned and disinfected prior to the septum is pierced. Although the procedure can be painful but if in expert's hands then the process is completed with no difficulty or complication.

The septum piercing takes about 2-three weeks to dry and heal, and the slightest traction or even lightest brush could result in discomfort and lead to additional complication. But the total healing procedure requirements about six-8 months

Accessory Size

The pierced septum can hold the accessory according to the pierced part's width only. Usually the accessories come in 1.6mm width but again wider accessories are also accessible. Usually a ring or a semi-ring is worn in the hole, of varied sizes.


The after care session is more essential and tough in a septum piercing.

After the piercing a little swelling due to a white fluid secretion will occur, this is a all-natural phenomenon in which the physique reacts to the piercing. But in case the secretion tends to be in yellow or greenish color then it could lead to some complication signs.

Even if the discoloured fluids secret then also it is advised by specialists to keep the accessory inside the pierced part, attempting removing might trigger further complication because of the traction included in the process and taking the accessory out can also close the pierced hole.

The pierced septum ought to be cleaned with warm water and sea salt mixed in it, utilizing a cotton ball with the accessory removed from the nose.

nose ring

Recovery Methods

If some simple way of life guidelines and proper guidelines by the experts are followed then the pierced septum can heal a lot faster.

Any type of alcohol consumption drags the time span of septum piercing healing. Steer clear of drinking alcohol based beverages, and even utilizing facial cosmetic products containing the slightest hint of alcohol.

As mentioned earlier, cleaning the freshly pierced septum is a should. Any negligence can lead to infections and even further complications.

Like all kinds of piercing septum piercing is also risky. Improper sterilization of the piercing tool or improper disinfection of the nose prior to piercing could lead to serious illnesses like Hepatitis and AIDS. Even additional complications risk permanent deformity of the nose.