Locks’ value in Chinese culture

Birth of Chinese locks has several thousand years. We can found wooden locks, bronze locks as Zhou dynasty appeared. As window and door accessories suppliers china, it is necessary to get some information about the locks’ value in Chinese culture.


Not only the ancient Chinese lock has still practical value, it has become a precious historical proof, thereof, which is a reflection of the historical trajectory of woodworking technology and hardware technology. Locks have its material, shape design, mechanical construction, organ structure, sculpture and painting of various terms in door hardware wholesale China market. It involves many disciplines, woodworking, smelting casting, forging cold, art paintings, wood carvings and copper power, physical, geometry, psychology and other disciplines, traces can be found in the lock, and it reflects the situation of the ancient social, political, economic, cultural, customs and other aspects of life.


When we think about the locks’ value in Chinese culture, have you ever think about the culture of float glass from float glass supplier China? This is another ancient culture for us.