Dalian most effective outside LED substantial screen Why acclaimed

China became the world's second largest marketing market place, advertising the water continues to rise. Advertisers are increasingly focusing on outside ad. China LED display outside advertising applications also will swiftly become truly worthy of outside advertising overlord. The number of LED industry pioneer for instance LCF (LCF), from all elements of technical solutions are accomplished for the extreme, to additional market outside LED show marketing market place development(EN12966). Delve into outdoor full-color LED show much favored by advertisers reasons, primarily the following points.


First, the distinctive natural benefits


Usually the larger the location of ??outdoor marketing, the far more threat the eye. LED show can be any stitching, and hence the much more standard LCD, DLP, the larger area, a broader point of view, and for that reason far more striking visual influence is also stronger.


As well as the advantages from the significant screen, outdoor complete color LED show with a resolution as much as HD picture high-quality, rich colors and wonderful, increasingly higher degree of detail. As a collection of sound and light, as well as the rotation play photos, LED display (bus station sign )also can obtain a number of signal transmission, real-time broadcast television and motion video playback, additional cater towards the audience point of interest. LCF (LCF) the production of full-color LED show, outside LED display category for a technical optimization, show colour, viewing angle, player, screen fluency, protection and so on in the industry-leading position.


Second, wide coverage, high audience fit


LED show location, a wide viewing angle variety, affordable horizon, coupled with the unique space advantages, LED show features a somewhat broad, stable, repeated exposure for the audience, which can be conducive to covering brand, item information and facts and successful delivery.

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