BSM75GP60 Infineon IGBT Module

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BSM75GP60 from Infineon is the ultimate solution to both eliminate the problems of your motor drives and upgrade them to boost functionality. With this advanced Infineon IGBT module, it won’t take long before your motor drives can finally attain optimum performance.


At a weight of only 2.2 lbs., BSM75GP60 can generate collector emitter voltage of 600 and a collector current of 100 amperes. Get to know it’s advanced features and you’ll discover how innovative this device really is!


BSM75GP60 has a low saturation voltage and decreases the episodes of power loss. With these features, efficiency is further improved as the current rating guarantees not to deteriorate easily even on high voltages.


Infineon BSM75GP60 has also been equipped with a self-protection system. This clearly signifies that common electrical problems like overheating, short circuiting and under voltage can’t easily damage the device’s system.