Alcatel says the display is protected by Dragontail Glass, but the side and back surfaces are all plastic

Alcatel says the display is protected by Dragontail Glass, but the side and back surfaces are all plastic. The company worked hard to create different textures and colors within the same materials. You'd never know it at a glance, as the chrome coloring is easily mistaken for metal. The glass feels great under your thumb, and the plastics exude strength. Alcatel did a good job assembling the phone; the fit and finish are quite good.
Most modern slates have nothing but glass on the front and the Idol 3 is no exception. When the display is off, only the user-facing camera is visible (and only then when viewed from just the correct angle.) Alcatel opted for the on-screen buttons, so there are no physical keys marring the otherwise pristine glass. I wouldn't be surprised if you miss the stereo speaker/mic grilles entirely. The speaker holes are drilled into very narrow pieces of plastic above and below the glass. They are nearly invisible, which helps the Idol 3 maintain is clean look.
You'll find the screen lock button high on the left side of the phone, practically at the top. It's not a hard-and-fast rule, but the vast majority of smartphones position the screen lock button in the middle of the right edge of the meizu m2 note review phone, or, if not there, then on the top surface. I couldn't get used to the positioning of this button after using the phone for a week. The button does have a good profile, but travel and feedback aren't great. This is one of the only physical components of the phone that actually feels kind of cheap. The volume toggle, positioned on the right edge of the phone, has a similar profile but much better travel and feedback.
Given its dimensions (6 x 2.96 inches), the phone isn't for every hand.Instead, the corners are angled just the right amount to give phone a pleasing feel in the hand.There are no sharp edges digging into your skin here.I like the Idol 3's weight, which is just enough to prevent it from feeling cheap.The phone measures 7.4mm thick, which is quite thin.You can shove the phone into most pockets and it’s smooth enough that retrieving it is no problem.