The Best Electric Razor I have actually Ever before Used

The Philips Norelco 1050CC Arcitec shaver is superb. This is the first time I ever before took pleasure in shaving. Essential Background Details before you review the remainder of this testimonial: I have actually made use of Norelco Electric razors for the past 20 years. I could not & & will certainly not utilize a blade razor as they cut and also aggravate my skin and I cannot be half asleep using them!

Please note that I cut myself the following method as I choose not to cut dry: Over the sink, I first sprinkle lukewarm to cozy water on my face then splash Williams Lectric preElectric Shave on my face then splash water once more on my face and after that place my electric razor head under the water faucet momentarily or two and then shave. Electric Face Shavers contains more about why to provide for it. That whole process takes merely a couple of seconds & & works in to oil my skin. I state this since if you uncommitted for the means I shave, you may not obtain the exact same results shaving dry.

Especially, I can not shave dry as it irritates my skin no matter what BS any Electric Razor Firm consisting of Norelco says and also I obtain lousy dry shaves! Norelco says you are suppose to cut completely dry with this shaver. I do not and also obtain excellent results and that's all I appreciate. If somehow shaving this way at some point uses this shaver down quicker after that it would cut completely dry, huge offer, I'll simply obtain another one as I do not mind spending for convenience!