Finding Out About The Bojuka Self-Defense System

If you are in search of a practical self-defense system, you'll find that many sports-based and traditional fighting styles fall short of providing you with the training to help you properly defend yourself in real life self-defense situations. For people seeking an effective reality based self-defense art, the Bojuka system might very well be the best solution.

The Bojuka system is different from a lot of forms of martial arts or self-defense systems in that it does not have centuries of history behind it. Tom Schrenk, a martial artist, invented this modern self-defense system. For the past 25 years, Schrenk has been learning several methods of fighting. Within these years, his focus was largely on realistic self-defense training. This made possible him to draw from his experiences those approaches and teachings material which can be viewed as helpful in an actual self-defense situation.

By real self-defense, this refers to hostile tendencies, physical violence, and criminal behavior. Now, Bojuka is not promoted as a means of making anyone invulnerable to dangerous, violent attacks. Rather, it teaches a simple approach that any person is capable of doing. It calls for using gross motor movements for both offensive and defensive actions. As opposed to being drawn from fighting stances, the gross motor movements are derived from the natural reactions of the human body. As a result, the Bojuka system is an excellent way that the average man or woman can prevent violence.

Schrenk also should get lots of credit for going outside of the physical fighting realm of self-defense. Rather, he also addresses avoidance and awareness which are attributes necessary for evading violence prior to it happening. At the very least, the system gives someone a way to avoid being taken by surprise by his attacker. In any case, the avoidance and awareness approach to addressing violence is necessary when you genuinely are serious about self-defense. This system provides instruction in these areas.

In the Bojuka self-defense system, the fundamental principle is to conclude a violent situation by delivering a pre-emptive strike. By using a pre-emptive strike, you deal with your attacker in a non-passive manner. canton ga children martial arts Basically, you do not respond to the attack of an attacker by way of a passive defensive action and then react with your own offense. One common issue with many fighting styles is that this is the exact paradigm they utilize and it is not a good one to embody. It is not quick enough and not extremely effective. Schrenk's Bojuka self-defense system is a more direct, hands-on, quick, and definitely effective way of dealing with an assailant.

People who reach the advanced levels of training in the system will be taught the weapons curriculum. In many actual assaults, attackers are carrying some type of weapon, which is the reason the weapons curriculum of Bojuka is something that should be appealing to those who are looking to maximize their chances of coming out of a deadly encounter alive. You won't be taught flashy or theatrical moves when you decide to train in Bojuka. Rather, you'll be taught straightforward, effective fighting techniques.