How Moving Impacts Your Car Insurance

When you move, you are likely to consider the local schools if you have kids, the distance to work, crime rate and other aspects of the neighborhood. You might want to think about how it will also affect your car insurance in Salt Lake City or surrounding areas. 
Protecting Your Car

While your driving record and other factors play an important role in the rates you receive for auto insurance, where you live also weighs in. First, consider the crime rate in the area, especially for theft or vandalism. If you live in an area with moderate or high statistics, this will factor in on your premium. If your vehicle is not parked in a garage, your rates may be even higher.
If you have no choice about where you are moving, look into security features that may help reduce the impact of the crime rate on your insurance. Insurance companies look at the number of theft claims to determine the level of risk for coverage. Sometimes just looking for a home a few miles away can reduce your premiums. 

Avoiding Accidents

Insurance providers also look at the number of accident claims in a given area. Certain areas are more prone to accidents because of the layout of the roadways or driving hazards. People who live near those areas will have to travel through the high-risk areas more often and will be more likely to have an accident at some point. 

Because they spend more time in their vehicles out on the highways, people with long commutes often pay higher premiums. Following the same idea, those with short or no commutes will save money on car insurance in Salt Lake City.

How to Save Money on Car Insurance

If you are planning to move, talk to your insurance agent about any rate changes you can expect. You can even compare prices between neighborhoods to find ways to save on your premiums. Besides the fact that you can lower your insurance rates, you also won’t want to live in a high-crime or high-accident area. 

You cannot change the statistics if you have already moved to a new location. However, you can ask about other discounts that are available when you provide your new address to your insurance agent. Sometimes the discounts can help offset any raise in prices. Your current coverage will be in effect for a short period of time, usually 30 days, but you will need to provide updated information for continuing coverage. 

Anytime your insurance rates go up, whether from a move or for another reason, you should talk to your insurance agent. He or she can provide tips to help you lower the cost of premiums and make your insurance more affordable. 

Realize that where you live plays an important role on your coverage and that when you move it can differ. Make sure you understand the impact of the change on your automobile insurance coverage so that you will be prepared for it. 

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