the 5.2 is better than Z9 NeoVision upgrade released edition 5.1

    In order to make simpler the function of the customers while taking pictures, Nubia singling out run in NeoVision digicam, in the form of separate app established a "family", so the conventional digicam shot customer interface is simple to the excessive. Traditional simple method to capture,meizu face identification, and so on primary options to modify, professional method can dig a little to modify the digital camera's ISO, white-colored stability, the shutter rate, etc. Due to the wait of the digicam close relatives photography, light artwork features such as digicam, we have presented in Z9 assessment, here no longer. It is important to note that the "Prague" digicam is for My new Prague attribute narrow digicam.

    Observe that here "screen edge" is not rounded cup with gold structure on the advantage of the combined, but the combined of the front board show and white-colored.
   in the way of My Prague hearing encounter, Prague the roads with you will of songs components have also been Nubia into   My this cellphone in Prague, in the audio Configurations customer interface can be set to customized dolby audio, and at the same time is also used in cell mobile phones the AK4375 songs processor. This processor is AKM for smartphone products, can bring better for customer's top Hi - Fi.
    Images can be Nubia advantage, although is a win by yan value design, but the same to My Prague have introduced NeoVision simple picture encounter. My Prague NeoVision pre-installed by launch of the 5.2 is better than Z9   NeoVision upgrade released edition 5.1, the difference between the two editions, www.meizu-mx5.comstraight shown in My exclusive to Prague "Prague" factor.