Maintenance of plush toys

Maintenance seems has nothing with safety when talk about toy, but well-maintained plush toys will provide security for the baby when we buy them from toys manufacturer in China which will avoid contamination of mold, mites, but also extend the life of the toy.


First, the ground should be cleaned. Keep the room clean to minimize dust, ground with a clean, dry, soft toys surface cleaning tools. Second, to maintain the dry of internal and external for toy is another way to keep safety. Humid areas, to prevent the toy damp can to save when desiccant, stuffed toys on saving as much as possible to avoid the backlog, to avoid distortion damage. You can use this kind of way too if you buy a remote toy from remote control toys supplier. Third, neatly combed is also okay. Toys cleaned and dried with a clean comb or similar tool along the direction of combing fur to fur smooth, beautiful. Finally, using simple sterilization and disinfection methods is fine. Reciprocating steam iron with power greater ironing on the hair gently, there are certain sterilization decontamination effect.


It is gorgeous if you ask the supplier about the maintenance of toys when you go to the market of China novelty toys wholesale online for the buying of toys. This will save your money and energy.