Outside LED show improvement to smaller dot pitch

Outside LED display(vms) is mostly made use of as outside advertising media, the media is broadly applied, the primary application regions are: buying malls, businesses, schools, arena, banking, securities, public security, transportation, market and commerce, electrical energy, customs, hospitals, parks, airports, railway stations, sports stadiums and also other fields.


In current years, the outside LED marketing screen to community improvement, the primary features are: modest size, the picture need to be clear requirements, which requires spacing outside LED show smaller sized, a lot more single square dot density, a higher pixel.


With all the continuous improvement of LED lamp technologies, the outdoor LED show improvement to smaller dot pitch is currently a possibility, P10 outdoor LED display is now the most common type of outdoor LED show, its higher expense, product excellent via market testing for any larger area of ??outdoor media LED show.


In 2012 the business launched a line of outside light LED (bus station sign)show P8, was the smallest spacing LED display, it is now far more stable line lights display the minimum point spacing.


2013 SMD lamp beads with technologies innovation, industry launched a P6 outside LED display, the initial generation of products applying SMD 3528 lamp beads, the second-generation goods employing SMD 3535 lamp beads, lamp beads are now utilizing this steady show good quality, higher brightness, was a favorite among users.


2015 industry introduced the usage of SMD 2828 lamp beads created P5 outside LED display, dot pitch is made smaller sized, a lot more pixels, appropriate for a smaller area of ??the display.


Outdoor LED display to play in our lives additional and more significant role, LED show manufacturers are regularly updated technologies, and strive to supply the industry with a smaller sized dot pitch, far more clear, good quality, far more dependable, additional cost-effective outside LED(EN12966) show.