Final Fantasy XIV Deserves a Improved PlayStation 3 Interface

Prior to we get to my interface bugbears, I’d prefer to note for the record that

After which the moon cracks open to unleash a cosmic Brobdingnagian dragon, which signifies everyone out of your pool, Tiamat’s right here to party with his pals Galactus and Ragnarok. (Though here they contact the dragon a worm, or would it be wyrm? Oh under no circumstances mind.) 

I like gonzo stuff like this. If you are going to think large, you could also swing for crazy, as well.

That’s me filling the say-something-nice-about-the-game quota. And I’m digging FFXIV all round, but I want to talk in regards to the PS3 interface, mainly because whilst it is an enormous improvement more than the Pc mess that shipped in 2010, it is weighed down by its Computer pedigree in sometimes maddening


In short, the PS3 interface feels like the middling Computer port I expected it to, but my expectations didn’t soften the blow. It is a improved than average Pc port, but there’s nevertheless a mouse pointer lurking in the browser-like login screen exactly where there could have been buttons (also: not a crummy browser interface). Or take the game itself, where you need to hit the Choose button to tab awkwardly among three HUDs, your eyes tracking a tiny Mickey Mouse-like white glove since it teleports panel to panel; functional, yes, but confusing busywork when you’re trying to make a zillion other things come about.