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Lorenz system; Atmospheric disturbance; Wavelet neural network; Disturbance coefficient; Disturbance intensity
1. Introduction
Full use of renewable Radezolid is an effective solution for the energy crisis and push for environmental protection at present. Wind power is one of the most potential and popular renewable resources [1]. By 2050, wind energy will be technically feasible to possess the largest share in energy systems and the installed capacities would range from 18 TW to 24 TW [2]. Wind power generation has greatly promoted the development of the wind energy industry. At present, uncertainty of wind resources is the major challenge of integrating wind power into electric systems. It is highly important to study and develop high-precision wind speed and power forecasting methods. Wind speed prediction is especially primary and critical [3], [4] and [5]. Currently, wind prediction models, according to different modeling methods, are usually divided into physical models, statistical models, artificial intelligence, and hybrid models [6], [7] and [8].