It s also noticeable that the employed flat plate

3.2. Improved configuration
For the improved configuration, in addition to the line heater formulation, the formulation of the solar heating system and the power production unit are presented and discussed as follow:
3.2.1. Solar heating unit
For analyzing the solar heating system in the improved configuration, first of all, one should calculate how much solar irradiation is locally available over a whole year. Evidently, the amount of theoretically available solar flux is different from the amount of actual solar Saquinavir due to the effect of clouds and weather conditions. The amount of actual solar irradiation is only measurable by experimental devices, however, if the theoretical solar irradiation is calculated, by using the overall annual and monthly sky clearness indexes that the local climate forecast stations release every year, one could easily compute the amount of solar energy expected to be received in a specific place. Note that as no high temperature heat is needed in the proposed system, flat plate solar collectors are employed in this work.