Three dimensional urban greening can permit vegetation

From this Simeprevir test, the tar/CH4 reforming performance by the catalytic bed materials has not been as clear as in small bench-scale tests published in literature, especially for Fe/olivine catalyst. This can be explained by insufficient catalyst coating on the particle surface, the fine catalyst particle carry-over and the evaluation method based on gravimetric tar.
AcknowledgementsThe authors would like to acknowledge the project support of EU Regional Development Fund, Ångpanneföreningen's Foundation for Research and Development (ÅForsk), LKAB, Länstyrelsen Västernorrland, Swedish Gasification Centre (SFC) and SCA BioNorr AB, Härnösand. The authors are grateful to Dr. Christina Dahlström for the SEM-images in this paper.
AbbreviationsBFBbubbling fluidised bedCFBcirculating fluidised bedCLCchemical loop combustionDFBdual fluidised bedDFBGdual fluidised bed gasifierFIDflame ionization detectorGCgas chromatographyGCMSgas chromatography-mass spectrometryMIUNMid Sweden UniversityNm3normal cubic meterSEMscanning electron microscopeS/Csteam-to-carbon ratio [kg/kg]TCDthermal conductivity detectorWGSwater-gas-shift