FP40R12KE3 Eupec Infineon IGBT Module

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FP40R12KE3 is one of the most advanced creations of Infineon (formerly Eupec) which has been designed to amplify the power of induction heaters. This Eupec Infineon IGBT module weighs as light as 2.2 lbs. and has the ability to produce energy of up to 1200 volts and 40 amperes.


FP40R12KE3 aims to improve the performance of induction heaters by leveling up its own efficiency and reliability rate. Infineon equipped this module with a copper base plate to ensure that heat spreading has been modified. Its power is further strengthened with low switching losses and high switching frequency to handle even the most demanding induction heaters.


Solderable pins are also noted in Eupec Infineon FP40R12KE3. Through this component, the transistor module can easily be used to full power with the assurance that its structure is not damaged. With RoHS-compliant modules, users are guaranteed of safety and security upon using the device.