Table nbsp DFIG specifications Rs e minus pu in stator

Fig. 7. Three of six equivalent circuits for DFIG with a harmonic component in rotor voltage. a) Transferred to stator side with Ns/Nr ratio in ωm0 mechanical frequency. b) Transferred to stator side with K2 Ns/Nr ratio in ωm0 + ωmr mechanical frequency. c) Transferred to stator side with K3 Ns/Nr ratio in ωm0 − ωmr mechanical frequency.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
6. The model evaluation
The proposed model Valspodar evaluated with a model in MATLAB/SIMULINK with three case studies. The parameters of DFIG are given in Table 2. The inertia moment of generator and turbine is considered smaller than the actual value for fast reaching to steady state condition which has small effect on the harmonics. The inertia moment is calculated base on (68) which H (s) is the inertia constant of the machines, J (kg m2) is the inertia moment, fgrid is the grid frequency, p is the number of poles pairs of the machine, Sb is the power.equation(68)H=12J(2πfgridp)Sb