How to Clean Epson Canon Brother and HP Inkjet Printheads

Software Printhead Cleaning

A nozzle check pattern will indicate which colours are blocked and offer the option of cleaning the printhead. This fires all the printheads continously to clear any air bubbles and dried ink deposits. It is reasonably effective but should not be repeated unless the nozzle check pattern improves: it uses about 10% of each cartridge and can make the blockage worse in some cases.

An alternative (and more effective in our experience) method of cleaning is to force the printer to reprime the cartridges by following these steps:

  1. Remove the cartridge(s) for the blocked colours
  2. Attempt to perform a nozzle check
  3. Replace the cartridge(s)
  4. Perform a nozzle check
Manual Printhead Cleaning

The videos show the procedure for each type of printer: the procedure is briefly as follows:

  1. Remove the cartridges
  2. Place blotting paper under the printhead
  3. Inject 1-5ml cleaning solution
  4. Leave for 5 mins - 18 hours
  5. Inject a further 1ml solution
  6. Replace cartridges and run a nozzle check

No disassembly or technical ability is required. Detailed instructions and a troubleshooting guide are included