LED lights’ design theory

LED design methods are appeared to break with the idea of traditional light sources under the new design theory of LED panel manufacture in China. Now there are two new designs for your appreciation. You can find these products if you have interest in them.


First, the scene lighting: the demand environment to design lamps. Scene lighting in place as a starting point, intended to create a beautiful, brilliant light environment, to heighten the effect of the scene, people feel there is a scene atmosphere. Second, the mood lighting: people's needs to design lamps. Mood lighting is human emotion as the starting point, from a human point of view to create a mood like light conditions. I think the idea from kingsonlight round LED panel suppliers is wonderful for the mood lighting. Mood lighting and scene lighting is different, mood lighting is dynamic, lighting the way to meet people's spiritual needs, people feel a mood, and scene lighting is static, it can only emphasize the scene illumination requirements, but can not express meet people's emotions, in a sense, mood lighting scene lighting cover. Mood lighting includes four aspects: First, energy saving and environmental protection, the second is healthy, the third is intelligent, and four is humane.


Now, we can see the combination of these two kinds of lights’ design when we go to the square LED panel wholesale market.