Exergy analysis of power system components Exergy analysis is applied

The heat exchanger is used to recover heat, but the considerable exergy destruction occurs in air preheater due to the great temperature difference between the hot and cold side of the air preheater. It should be noted that the exergy destruction ratio for air preheater is 22%, which is the largest one among all the components in case 3. If the heat transfer area of exchanger is larger, the temperature difference between the hot and cold fluids becomes smaller, the exergy destruction ratio can be reduced. While this will increase the cost of heat exchanger.
Steam gasification is an ZM-447439 process in case 3, which is allothermal, the necessary heat from the combustor exhaust (State 12) is supplied to gasifier, resulting in the less heat to generate the steam. That is to say, the flow rate of steam in case 3 is less than that in case 1 and 2. Therefore, the exergy destruction ratio in steam generator decreases from case 1 to case 3.
Exergy destruction ratios for steam gasification systems are shown in Fig. 8. Exergy destruction ratios for some components (e.g. dryer, filter, scrubber, blower-1, pump) are not presented separately since megaspore mother cell are relatively small compared to those for other components. Thermodynamic properties of some states for case 3–5 is shown in Table 3.